Reel Deal Slots Bonus Round

One of the most exciting features in any slot game is the bonus round. But, there are bonus rounds and then there are bonus rounds! In the Reel Deal Slots bonus round, the thrill is realized as soon as the screen appears with 26 models holding 26 briefcases. It is at this point that a Real Deal Slots Strategy may help in winning the $100,000 grand prize! Where can you play the Reel Deal Bonus round? Join Lincoln Casino to play this nail-biting, jumping-up-and-down, fingers-crossed, wow of a game.

How Does the Reel Deal Bonus Round Work?

When you get 3 briefcase symbols during regular play, this activates the bonus round. When the game begins, you are asked to choose one briefcase from the 26 shown. This is your briefcase; the one you think holds the $100,000 prize!

After you pick your briefcase, you will then be asked to open a specific number of briefcases in each round. After you open said briefcases, the Banker will make an offer. His offer largely depends on how many cash prizes are remaining. You can accept his offer or leave it. If you leave it, you resume play. If you accept the Banker’s offer, the game will end and the briefcase in your possession will be opened and the amount revealed.

Choosing the Briefcases

As we said earlier, when the bonus game begins there will be 26 models holding 26 numbered briefcases on a stage. You select a briefcase that is yours to keep throughout the bonus game. The game then begins with a series of 10 rounds requiring you to pick briefcases in the following manner: Round 1 – Open 6 Briefcases; Round 2 – Open 5 Briefcases; Round 3 – Open 4 Briefcases; Round 4 – Open 3 Briefcases; Round 5 – Open 2 Briefcases; Round 6 – Open 1 Briefcase; Round 7 – Open 1 Briefcase; Round 8 – Open 1 Briefcase; Round 9 – Open 1 Briefcase; and Round 10 – Pick a Briefcase.

As each briefcase is opened, the amount revealed will be highlighted out in the money panels featured to the left and right of the slot machine. The model will also disappear from the stage. After each round, the banker will make an offer. You have two options: You can accept the offer by clicking on the Take It button, or you can reject the offer by clicking on the Leave It button. If you accept the banker’s offer, the bonus game ends. If you reject the offer, the bonus game continues. When there are only 2 briefcases left, you will be asked to open one of them. The prize revealed will be your ultimate payout.

Once again, the Reel Deal bonus round is perhaps the most anticipated feature of this game. Thus, using a Reel Deal Slots strategy may help. Here is a tip: The lowered numbered briefcases often reveal the lowest dollar values. Remember, the object of the game is to knock off the lower denominations from the money panel on the left before revealing any of the higher denominations on the money panel to the right of the slot machine.

The $100,000 question remains: Is your briefcase the one that holds the grand prize? If you believe it is, no offer by the banker will be enough to satisfy you. But if you have doubts, it may be prudent to accept the banker’s offer once he reaches an amount exceeding $50,000. Again, this is dependent on your not choosing briefcases that are high in value.